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Bedrooms in San Telmo- Bed and Breakfast

San Telmo is one of the old districts of Buenos Aires City.
There's a lot of pleces where you can see or dance the Tango.
This district served as inspiration to numerous artists and nowadays. Their restaurants, seats and businesses represent one of the more concurred places of the capital.

Description of the construction

Construction of the colonial time, reformed to new. It have 3 floors and a terrace too. In the ground floor of the building a bakery acclimated to the time is located, with tasteful sweet and salty meals. Which is recognized in the district.
In First and the Second floor 3 ample rooms are located, thus the privacy and tranquillity is permanent. And where each room has a private bath.
In the terrace, the occupants can eat in an atmosphere of sun and plants.

Description of the Bedroom

Bedroom with all the comforts, until 3 people. Totally luminous and quiet. With Private Bath.

  • Cleaning
  • Complete breakfast(Which is optional) /The breakfast includes Coffee or Tea, Juice of fruit , Sweet Dessert , Cheese, and bread.
  • Wifi Internet
  • Television
  • Coffee Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Heating Engineer


Bedroom Number 1.

Click for a Zoom.

Bedroom Number 2.


Chile Street, between Perù and Chacabuco.
The building is near:

  • Dorrego Square.
  • Sudway Branch
  • UADE University
  • Main theaters
  • Museums of San Telmo (Penitenciario Nacional/Argentino del Titere/Historia del Traje/Imigraciòn Gallega/Nacional de Grabado/De la Ciudad de Buenos Aires/Etnogràfico.
  • Government house
  • Puerto Madero.

Location in San Telmo Neighbourhood

Location in the Federal Capital

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